Real Estate

We acquire promising property in the right areas for a fraction of its true value, often below the development cost. We leverage our real estate network and use our negotiating experience to offer clients the best possible deals with the most potential.


Enjoy a complete, professional property management service, from renovation through rent collection to repairs. Our clients enjoy complete peace of mind and tailored, personal attention from our executives.


Secure your capital with packaged, stable real estate investments which maximize value, generate great rental income and use long term market insights to stay ahead of the curve. We build future proof property portfolios for our clients which grow and continue to generate income.

Real Estate Which Performs

"Our investors can acquire great property, for a fraction of its true value.... often well below the development cost"

Deep Reasearch

We deliver value by combining creative thinking and a rigorous search and selection process to find the very best real estate opportunities. With access to the widest choice of distressed property and the experience to pick the most promising real estate, our portfolios have proven returns.

Property Experts

We make buying real estate investments simple, so you can relax while our team takes care of every aspect of the purchase. With attorneys, construction experts, cleaners, maintenance personnel and top flight management we handle all the important details.

Inspired Approach

Our management agreements are long term partnerships. We are transparent, efficient and fanatical about customer service because we always have a vested interest in getting the maximum rental returns, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

"Stable, rising rents and increasing demand for family housing have created the perfect market conditions for forward thinking property investors."

Investment Grade Real Estate

We believe in the rental market as a great way to build long term wealth. That's why we go beyond traditional real estate and look for property which are ideal for renovation and rental. Current conditions are ideal for our specialized real estate investment program, and we continue to capitalize on our knowledge of the South Florida market.


Low Prices & High Rents

Since the economic crisis, prices have tumbled, so investors can acquire attractive properties for a fraction of its true value. There are plenty of willing tenants who want good quality housing and are prepared to pay substantial rents.


Renting is the New Buying

Purchasing a property and climbing the property ladder used to everyone’s dream, but now the dream has changed. Today, people look for flexibility and are choosing to rent and avoid the risk of ownerships, taxes and other uncertainties.


Rental Market Conditions

The rental market is poised for growth for the years to come. Between 2012 and 2015 the South East Florida has been identified as one of the 10 markets in desperate need of single-family properties as a result of growth in the workforce and the low housing starts in the market after the great depression. We believe that this rental market will remaing strong for the year to come.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census, NAR.

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About us

We specialize in income producing real estate, especially family orientated, residential properties in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Since 2008 we have pioneered a process to find, restore and manage houses to provide rental income and capital growth for our clients.

Whether your investment is long term, short term, income oriented or just for you to enjoy, we will tailor a complete vehicle to suit your priorities. We have an enviable track record of making successful stable investments for discerning clients bith locally and across South and Central America.

We have a long term vision of the real estate market, with expert insights on the opportunities which have been created by the market crash. We believe that this cycle is just beginning and will last for many years to come, with rich pickings for savvy investors.

Low prices for purchases, often below the development cost. Since the economic crisis prices have tumbled and remain highly attractive.

Abodee LLC - Real Estate Report 2012

Stable, rising rents due to a shortage of mortgage finance. Most people don’t have the luxury of purchasing and must rent instead, leading to steady growth.

Apsides LLC - Real Estate Report 2012

Contact us today and discover how we can build a stronger, healthier property portfolio, geared for long term rental income.